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Your free phone consultation is a 15-minute conversation with Dr. Chelsea in which she will discuss your symptoms, begin developing a working list of areas to focus on and the best steps to resolve the pain/injury.

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What We Offer

Diastasis Recti Rehab

Do you still feel that your abdominals are separated from your pregnancy? Do you notice your core domes or pooches when you move to sit up from lying down? Do you feel you’ve never regained the strength in your core following your pregnancy? We will customize your exercises to ensure that you regain the strength and stability through the core so you can get back to what you love without limitation.

Prenatal Care

Are you pregnant and finding you’ve been having more aches and pains as your pregnancy progresses? Are you starting to waddle or leaking urine more frequently? Many symptoms in pregnancy have been normalized but physical therapy can help! Schedule today to have a more comfortable pregnancy!

Postpartum & Beyond

Have you recently had your baby and you’re uncertain of the safest way to return to activity without new problems arising? Are you years postpartum and leaking urine when you sneeze, exercise or play with your kids? Are you still having back/hip pain since delivery? We are experts at correcting these problems and more!

Moving Towards Menopause

As we continue through life, our hormones change and with that so can person’s pelvic health. Things that were previously comfortable may now cause discomfort. Perhaps you’re noticing urinary leakage more frequently. Together, we can work to address and minimize the effects of these changes from slowing you down.

General Pelvic Health Services

Never been pregnant or had kids but experience urinary incontinence? Sex or using a tampon isn’t comfortable? Are you a male and are noticing that you’ve had more urinary urgency? You’ve recently had a pelvic surgery (prostatectomy, hysterectomy, etc) and want to minimize other problems from arising. Call us today to discuss exactly how we can assist you in that journey.

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Our goal is to make your appointment convenient for you. That is why we offer both in-clinic and in-home appointments.

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