Here are our current pricing options. Contact us for payment plan options.

Fair and Transparent Pricing

Our objective is to provide the best possible care for our patients. We feel strongly that our patients need a full-length session to effectively treat all factors contributing to the patient’s symptoms – internal and external factors. Both need to be addressed for true, sustained recovery. You are one on one, whether at home or in the clinic, with a pelvic health specialist and will never be passed off to an assistant or aide to walk you through any part of your care. We provide a greater degree of follow up after visits and are readily available to assist with questions or concerns outside of the visits as appropriate via email or phone.

In order to provide that level of care, we are unable to go in-network with any insurance company, who tie our hands on what we can bill, what is covered and many other hoops to providing treatment. We aren’t willing to compromise patient care. Therefore, our services are covered under your out-of-network physical therapy benefits.

We find this also helps our patients by cutting down on the number of visits each week. Instead of asking our patients to come in 2 times a week to get an hour of treatment, we do that in a single session. Less time in the car and waiting rooms, fewer co-pays, and better results.

Benefits of Being Out of Network

At Treasure Valley Pelvic Health, you know that your care is dictated by what is best for you, not by what is best for your insurance company.

We simply charge honest and transparent prices for our services. As an out-of-network provider for all insurance plans (except Medicare), most of our patients with insurance are reimbursed a substantial portion of their appointment fee, depending on their out-of-network benefits. We will verify your benefits prior to your first visit if you would like, so you can know what your anticipated reimbursement will be. Reimbursements from the insurance company goes directly to the patient. In many cases this is less than what you would be paying in-network for co-pays and co-insurance.

At Treasure Valley Pelvic Health you will never be hit with an unexpected bill or hidden fees – this is what you expect from every other honest business, and we don’t believe healthcare should be the exception.

We provide our patients with a detailed superbill receipt that they can submit to their insurance company, who reimburses them directly. Our patients fill out a simple form found on the insurance companies’ website and mail it in along with that superbill.

Individual Rates

75 minute Initial Evaluation – $225
60 minute Follow Ups – $170/hour


Silver – $520 ($155/visit + $55 Evaluation)
Includes three 60 minute visits

Gold – $925 ($145/visit + $55 Evaluation)
Includes six 60 minute visits

In-Home Visits

  • We offer in-home visits for $25 within 20 miles of our office.
  • We will still gladly travel outside of the 20 mile radius at a rate of $50 per visit.

Schedule an Appointment

Our goal is to make your appointment convenient for you. That is why we offer both in-clinic and in-home appointments.

To schedule an appointment at the clinic click the button below. To schedule an in-home appointment contact us at 208.991.4526

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