About Us

Dr. Chelsea founded Treasure Valley Pelvic Health with the goal of being able
to empower women in their health during and after pregnancy.

Our Approach

With a little strengthening, education and guidance, we can minimize lifelong struggles with bladder or bowel control, low back or pelvic pain and inefficient movement patterns that over time develop into more significant issues. Postpartum is a busy time and we often neglect the need for self-care. When Dr. Chelsea worked in standard practice, many moms found it difficult or stressful to bring their newborns into a clinic. Struggles coordinating work schedules or childcare became limiting factors to participating in therapy. Her solution: she comes to you! We can initiate care in the comfort of your own home and let your baby rest or play while you are proactive in your recovery process. You don’t have to wait and hope things will improve. Even if this care was not available to you after the birth of your children, it’s not too late to take control and improve your function.

Research shows that taking the time to retrain the body and the pelvic floor muscles can minimize any long-term effects that pregnancy may have on our body. Our bodies and muscles took on a great deal of extra stress and strain over the course of the pregnancy and through delivery. Similar to the care and therapy needed following an orthopedic surgery, our muscles and bodies need to be retrained to restore optimal function after delivery.

Meet Dr. Chelsea

Chelsea Beyers, PT, DPT, OCS

Dr. Chelsea Beyers, PT, DPT, OCS received her undergraduate degree in Chemistry and a minor in Sports Science at the University of Idaho and her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree at the University of Utah. Her internships took her to Boise, Idaho and Jackson, Mississippi. Upon graduation, she began her physical therapy career in orthopedics where she found a strong prevalence of pelvic floor-related symptoms presenting in her orthopedic patients. Finding this phenomenon intriguing, she went on to do post-doctoral training through the Herman & Wallace Institute and other pelvic specialty programs. Her dream was to start a Pelvic Health Program and educate women in how to better care for their bodies.

Dr. Chelsea was born and raised in Idaho. She started her physical therapy career in Jackson, Mississippi then returned to Idaho’s hidden treasures. She now has two spunky kids, a witty husband and two ball-crazy dogs. When she’s not empowering women in their own health, she enjoys hiking, camping, being silly with her kids and finishing the day with a good book.

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Our goal is to make your appointment convenient for you. That is why we offer both in-clinic and in-home appointments.

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